Have a photoshoot coming up? MÀKÁN  is pleased to INTRODUCE its ARCHIVE services   If you are interested in pulling, you are welcome to book a PICKUP/archive tour subject to availability Monday through Friday here

There is a 20% ARCHIVE service fee per 7-day period. If you are unable to return the items by the specified date, please contact us to arrange an extension so that you do not lose your deposit. A late fee of 10% per day may be added to the original rental fee.

For all pulls, we ask that you take a minimum of 10 items.  We ask that all clothing be returned in the same condition it was in when it left the store.  You will not be charged a rental fee for purchased items, but items purchased cannot be applied towards the rental fee.

For all pulls, we require a full deposit. This is generally in the form of a credit card authorization.  deposit will be fully refunded as soon as items are returned. If the cardholder cannot be present, we will accept a photocopy of their ID and credit card, with a signed credit card authorization form provided by MÀKÁN GID'N. This is our policy with all transactions where the cardholder is not present.

We look forward to working with you on all your future projects!


Pull Contract for Stylists & Media

Pull Contract for Stylists & Medi

MÀKÁN GID'N  occasionally lends out clothing for use in photoshoots/MUSIC VIDEOS for promotional purposes. A DRY-CLEANING AND RESTOCKING fee of 20% applies. this contract is to be filled out on OR BEFORE the BORROW DATE.

Conditions of Agreement:


1. Samples are for the sole purpose of editorial shots/music videos by the signor named below.

2. The signor will give MÀKÁN GID'N full credit in print, online, social media or on television.

3. A copy/clip of the publication or music video in which the item will be used will be sent to MÀKÁN GID'N 

4. MÀKÁN GID'N reserves the rights to use the images/video clips for its own promotional purposes.

5. The signor agrees to take full responsibility and care of the listed items whilst in their possession.

6. The item/s must be returned in the same condition in which they were received by the RETURN DATE. This includes labels and price tags in original condition. For events and appearances, garments MUST BE DRYCLEANED when returned.

7. As security, MÀKÁN GID'N will take a credit card number. Any lost or damaged items will be invoiced accordingly at full retail price to the credit card.

8. MÀKÁN GID'N reserves the right to invoice full value for any items not received back by the agreed-upon RETURN DATE.

9. A restocking fee of 20% of the total value of merchrandise lent out will be charged up-front.

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